Plastic Honeycomb Panel

Plastic Honeycomb Panel

Plastic Honeycomb Panel is a high-tech thermoplastic sandwich panel, with Polypropylene honeycomb core and Thermoplastic fiberglass sheet/ FRP on the two sides.It is widely used in van, architectural, outdoors, home furnishing, industrial product and high-end packing materials, partitioning screen system, etc.

  1. Completely recyclable;
  2. Easy to process, such as cut and repair.
  3. Sound absorption and sound-insulation;
  4. High mechanical strength and good impact toughness.

Structure: Fiberglass/FRP skins + PP honeycomb core + Fiberglass/FRP skins.
1. Face skin: Thermoplastic fiberglass/ FRP,
2. Bottom skin: Thermoplastic fiberglass/ FRP;
3. Core: PP honeycomb;
4. Surface color: Customized.
Packing details: Standard pallets/ plywood cases/ cartons.
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Mechanical Properties of PP Honeycomb Core

DMC Honeycomb Color Density   (KG/M³) Compressive Strength  (MPa) Shear Strength (MPa) Effective temperature (Celsius) Thermal Insulation U-Value  (W/M²K)
Material-Cell Size-Thickness
DMC—PP—–08———10 White 80 1.75 0.43 -40~+80 2.2
DMC—PP—–08———30 White 80 1.66 0.5 -40~+80 2.2
DMC—PP—-10———-30 White 75 1.58 0.45 -40~+80 2.2
DMC—PP— 12———-30 White 70 1.47 0.4 -40~+80 2.3