• What is Anechoic chamber?

    An anechoic chamber is a specially designed room engineered to absorb entirely the reflections of electromagnetic waves, serving various purposes in EMC testing. Additionally, these chambers are shielded from external sources of noise. This combination enables them to replicate a tranquil, open space of infinite proportions, which proves invaluable in preventing external influences from distorting test results. RF anechoic chambers commonly house equipment for conducting measurements of antenna radiation patterns, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and radar cross-section measurements. EMC chambers facilitate swift and efficient EMC radiated tests at a convenient site, free from interference caused by the surrounding electromagnetic environment.

  • What is EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)?

    EMC ensures that electronic or electrical products function correctly within their intended settings. It requires that these products do not emit electromagnetic disturbances that could affect the performance of other products. Essentially, EMC addresses both the emission of noise and the resistance to noise in electronic and electrical products and systems. Electromagnetic disturbances manifest through both conducted interference and issues related to radiated emissions and susceptibility.
  • What are Radiated Emissions?

    Radiated emissions describe the accidental emission of electromagnetic energy by an electronic device. These emissions are electromagnetic fields generated by the device that unintentionally spread beyond the device's physical boundaries. Typically, radiated emissions are linked to devices not designed to emit radiation, although devices intended to radiate can also produce undesired emissions at frequencies beyond their designated transmission band.
  • What is Radiated Immunity?

    Radiated Immunity, also known as Susceptibility, quantifies the capacity of electronic products to withstand the impact of radiated electrical energy from other electronic devices and electromagnetic occurrences.
  • What are Conducted Emissions?

    Conducted emissions denote the process through which electromagnetic energy is generated within an electronic device and then transmitted through its AC power cord. Like radiated emissions, regulatory agencies oversee the permissible levels of conducted emissions from electronic devices. If a product meets all requirements for radiated emissions but fails the conducted emissions test, it cannot be legally marketed.
  • What is Conducted Immunity?

    Conducted Immunity, also known as Susceptibility, quantifies how well electronic products can withstand the impact of conducted electrical energy originating from other electronic devices and electromagnetic events.