Fully Anechoic Acoustic Chamber

The fully anechoic chamber features six surfaces madeup of Sola metal panels and sound-absorbing wedges on the walls, floor and ceiling. The basic anechoic chamber construct using concrete, plasterboard, and a special cloth-type sound-absorbing wedge. Our anechoic chamber, on the other hand, has the benefits of being simple to assemble, inexpensive, precise, and portable.

Measurement Target

Precision equipment, automobile parts, electronic parts, nano technology related products, environment-related products, etc.

Measurement Purpose

Sound power level, sound intensity measurement, abnormal noise inspection, product performance acoustic measurement, etc.

Measuring Equipment

Ordinary, precision sound level meter, FFT analyzer, vibration meter, various acoustic evaluation equipment, etc.

Fully Anechoic Chamber Dimension

Sound Insulation (Transmission Loss)/dB

Measurable Range/m


T-250 HV02W T-500
Non-flammable sound absorption wedge: T-250: Sound absorption wedge thickness 250mm Compact wedge HV02W: Sound absorption wedge thickness 310mm Non-flammable sound absorption wedge: T-500: Sound absorption wedge thickness 500mm
Sound insulation Solameta panel: 3TS65 Sound insulation Solameta panel: 3TS65 Sound insulation Solameta panel: 3TS65
Acoustic Chamber - Sound Absorption Wedge Acoustic Chamber - Sound Absorption Wedge Acoustic Chamber - Sound Absorption Wedge

Fully Anechoic Chamber Features

Acoustic Performance

Our soundproof single swing door incorporates an inner wall sound absorption layer, significantly enhancing its ability to minimize unwanted noise.  Grating within the design boasts a high bearing capacity, ensuring durability and the ability to support loads exceeding 200kg.

Optimized Ventilation System

Experience efficient ventilation with reduced noise levels through our air intake diffraction silencer. The sirocco fan and flexible silencer duct work in tandem to provide optimal airflow while minimizing disruptive noise during operation.

Advanced Audio Accessories

Our microphone hook provides a convenient solution for hanging microphones, offering easy accessibility during audio-related tasks. The anechoic EA filter integrated into our system ensures a clean audio environment by effectively reducing echoes, enhancing overall sound quality.

Illumination & Electrical Infrastructure

Benefit from energy-efficient LED bulbs lighting that ensures optimal visibility in various settings. The 100V-3P-2 outlets offer convenient power access for a variety of equipment, contributing to a streamlined electrical infrastructure

Control & Monitoring System

Centralized control is achieved through our distribution board for switch boxes, facilitating organized power distribution. The inclusion of secondary electrical equipment wiring ensures seamless connectivity for secondary devices, enhancing overall control and monitoring capabilities.

Precision Measurement & Reporting

Accurate measurement and reporting of sound insulation levels are achieved through our sound insulation volume measurement feature. The inverse square measurement provides detailed reports on measurements and results, enabling precise analysis for enhanced performance evaluation.


Enhance your fully anechoic chamber with a variety of upgrades. Whether it’s advanced monitoring tools or specialized accessories, our upgrades provide customized solutions. Enhance your testing environment and create a personalized experience that effortlessly corresponds with your specific requirements.

Air Conditioning


Signal Light

BNC Socket


Various Alarm Devices

Shockproof Design