Highly precise RF shielding solutions

DMC offers custom built RF Shield rooms, High Performance RF Broadband absorbers, Microwave Absorbers , Hybrid absorbers and Antenna Measurement System. With our combined experience more than 30 years we have supplied state-of-the-art turn key system in RF, Microwave and Millimetre wave application.The range that we offer is subjected to strict quality assurance tests in various stages. Owing to the unwavering efforts made by our team, we have been able to carve a niche for ourselves in the industry. 






Antenna testing, Radome testing

Antenna Measurement System for Space Application

Semiconductor board testing

5G semiconductor industry

With growing wireless connectivity high tech applications integrated with devices operating in Microwave and Millimeter wave frequency range the demand for semiconductor board test and validation has become extremely inevitable. Contact our team of Experts to offer suitable solution for Board level semiconductor test solution with suitable high performance RF absorbers and RF shielding services.

IOT Application

IoT has emerged from the explosive growth of connected devices in industrial verticals, the consumer arena and enterprise networks.

We provide complete RF shielding chamber setup lined with Hybrid high performane broadband absorbers and equipment for testing and validating IOT devices that are used in in various industries for End-End connectivity.

millimeterwave radar testing

Automotive application

Self driving cars also known as Autonomous vehicle are going to redefine conventional Automotive market with integration of latest cloud based platform, LIDAR, RADAR modules and various wireless sub systems to provide 100% self driving vehicles. DMC group of experts can advise on providing accurate shielding systems and test measurement solution for testing and validating automotive wireless modules and systems.


DMC team of Experts specialized in providing turn-key solution for Wireless application focusing for Semiconductor R&D, commercial, Defense Satellite and Automotive industry

RF Shielded door, Absorbers

Anechoic Material

DMC also caters to the requirement of Integrators for RF Shielded door, Absorbers, Honeycomb Air Vents, Power Filters, Signal Filters, Gaskets, Connector panels, EMI free lights, Ground Stud, Beryllium Copper Finger, Copper wool, etc.

installation, maintenance

Installation and servicing

Our well experienced installation team can help you for installation, maintenance, renovation and upgrade Anechoic chambers to desired specifications.

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