Hemi Anechoic Acoustic Chamber

A constructed hemi-anechoic chamber serves as an environment for measuring noise, particularly for assessing the acoustic power levels of equipment and machinery. Its assembled using Sola metal panels & frames. The interior is made up of non-combustible sound-absorbing wedges. this hemi anechoic chamber allows for easy disassembly and transportation since it doesn’t involve concrete walls. We offer the flexibility to create customized structures tailored to specific measurement purposes and layouts.

Measurement Target

Precision equipment, automobile parts, electronic parts, nano technology related products, environment-related products, etc.

Measurement Purpose

Sound power level, sound intensity measurement, abnormal noise inspection, product performance acoustic measurement, etc.

Measuring Equipment

Ordinary, precision sound level meter, FFT analyzer, vibration meter, various acoustic evaluation equipment, etc.

Hemi Anechoic Chamber Dimension

Sound Insulation (Transmission Loss)/dB

Measurable Range/m


T-250 HV02W T-500
Non-flammable sound absorption wedge: T-250: Sound absorption wedge thickness 250mm Compact wedge HV02W: Sound absorption wedge thickness 310mm Non-flammable sound absorption wedge: T-500: Sound absorption wedge thickness 500mm
Sound insulation Solameta panel: 3TS65 Sound insulation Solameta panel: 3TS65 Sound insulation Solameta panel: 3TS65
Acoustic Chamber - Sound Absorption Wedge Acoustic Chamber - Sound Absorption Wedge Acoustic Chamber - Sound Absorption Wedge

Hemi Anechoic Chamber Features

Electrical Control Components

Switch box for convenient electrical control. Distribution board for organized electrical distribution. Secondary side wiring work for enhanced electrical functionality.

Utilities & Hanging Accessories

Utility pipe with a diameter of 65, featuring inside and outside sound insulation covers. Microphone hanging hook for versatile usage.

Table & Handling Mechanisms

Air supply diffraction silencer for efficient and quiet air circulation. Exhaust diffraction silencer to minimize noise during ventilation.

Lighting & Electrical Outlets

Light bulb-type LED lighting for energy-efficient illumination.Two 100V, 3-phase outlets for flexible electrical access. 10W “In use” indicator light for status visibility.

Mobility & Adjustment

Single swing sound insulation door with an inner wall sound absorption layer. Floor panel with a reflection plate (excluding cases without floor) and a vibration isolation layer.

Documentation & Hardware

EA filter for advanced sound control. Complete documents, including drawings and specifications, for comprehensive guidance.


Enhance your Hemi anechoic chamber with a variety of upgrades. Whether it’s advanced monitoring tools or specialized accessories, our upgrades provide customized solutions. Enhance your testing environment and create a personalized experience that effortlessly corresponds with your specific requirements.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Monitor
  • Signal Light
  • BNC Socket
  • Intercom
  • Various Alarm Devices
  • Shockproof Design