Made in USA
UL Listed

MRI Power Filters

DMC is the leading supplier of MRI room ac power line filters in US. We offer complete solution MRI/MRA room filters, telephone filters, fire alarm filters and Ethernet filters, DMC filters are designed in the US to meet MIL-Std-220A and are UL approved. They are specially designed for the rapidly expanding medical MRI field.

Part Number Current Voltage Frequency (Length) Inches (Width) Inches (Height) Inches
DMC-FC-3147 (MRI Filter)* 2 x 30 277 VAC 0-60Hz 12 4 4
DMC-FC-754A (Fire Alarm Filter) 2 x 1 Amp 120 VAC 0-60Hz 9 3.5 2.5
DMC-FC-200A (Telephone Filter) 2 x .5 Amp 120 VAC 0-60Hz 6.81 3.5 2.5
DMC-FC-1193 (Data Filter) 2 x .15 Amp 250 VAC
600 VDC
0-60Hz 6.81 3.5 2.5