EMC Chambers

EMC anechoic chambers represent the pinnacle of electro-magnetic testing infrastructure, offering unparalleled capabilities for assessing electromagnetic compatibility. From the compact 3-meter chambers to the large 10-meter setups, these chambers provide controlled environments for both emissions and immunity testing.

Equipped with advanced absorbers, shielding materials, and compliant with a multitude of standards such as CISPR and MIL-STD, EMC anechoic chambers ensure rigorous evaluation of electronic equipment. Their versatility and precision make them indispensable assets in ensuring product reliability and regulatory compliance across diverse applications.

Difference between Pre-Compliance and Full Compliance EMC Chambers

Pre-compliance EMC Chambers

The main function of the pre-compliance EMC chambers is for research and development assessment. Engineers have the ability to tweak and utilize immediate analysis and diagnostics for comparative evaluations. Before the product is sent to the certified, fully compliant test laboratory, this facility also ensures that it is likely to pass certification tests. This process aims to decrease or completely avoid costly and time-consuming failures during testing.

  • DMC-PC-Series stands for Pre-Compliance which facilitates the use of a smaller antenna tower and accurately replicates full-compliance test results for quiet zones up to approximately 1.2 or 1.5 meters in diameter. Our common chamber size is 7.5mtrx3.5mtrx3.5mtr
  • DMC-PC-C stands for Pre-Compliance compact which is typically used with a stationary antenna tower, providing accurate measurements for quiet zone sizes ranging from 0.5 meters to 1.0 meter in diameter. Our common chamber size is 6.5mtrx3.5mtrx2.9mtr
  • The term “pre-compliance” mainly refers to commercial testing regulated by CISPR 16, but it can extend to any testing conforming to standards for any marketplace.
  • Accepted chamber sizes generally support full-compliance testing for radiated immunity, following standards such as IEC 61000-4-3.
  • Some compromises are necessary for radiated emissions testing due to the pre-compliance context.

Full Compliance EMC Chambers

This testing method is primarily employed for the final versions of products before they are introduced to the market. When RF and EMC testing is conducted in strict accordance with the relevant standards, without any deviations, it is referred to as Full-Compliance testing, or simply compliance testing. This approach is utilized for certification purposes instead of pre-compliance testing.

Within the EMC realm, “full compliance” typically refers to “commercial testing,” which adheres to the procedures and criteria outlined in CISPR 16. It signifies that the testing facility (including chambers and systems) is an accredited test laboratory authorized to assess and certify products for market distribution, provided they meet the relevant standards.