Projectsoundproof box open acoustic anechoic test box with vibration isolation table

Vibration Isolation Table with Soundproof Box

In the world of scientific measurement, precision is most important. Imagine trying to capture the faintest whispers of atomic forces or delicate vibrations while being bombarded by disruptive sounds and vibrations. It’s like trying to hear a pin drop in the middle of a construction site.

Client’s Requirement

Our clients need a solution that isolates vibrations and shields their equipment from disruptive sound waves. This is important when conducting sensitive experiments, like those involving an atomic force microscope (AFM). They require a setup like soundproof box that ensures their measurements are accurate and free from external interference.

Our Solution

At DMC, we understand the importance of precision in scientific endeavors. That’s why we offer a bespoke solution that combines a vibration isolation table with a soundproof box. By integrating these two components, we create an environment where our clients’ equipment can operate undisturbed by external factors.

  • The vibration isolation table is a stable foundation that reduces vibrations.
  • It provides a secure platform for delicate instruments like atomic force microscope (AFM).
  • The soundproof box acts as a shield, blocking out unwanted noise and creating a quiet oasis for precise measurements.
  • Meanwhile, it provides a peaceful environment for accurate readings.


Our clients can conduct experiments confidently with our integrated solution, which protects their equipment from vibrations and sound interference. They can achieve greater accuracy in their measurements, leading to more reliable results and furthering their scientific endeavors. At DMC, we dedicate ourselves to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower researchers to push the boundaries of knowledge.