Projectcorner view closed door thermal spraying room

Soundproof Room for Thermal Spraying Equipment

Managing sound pollution with commercial devices can be challenging, especially with equipment like thermal spraying devices. At DMC we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke services to resolve such difficulties head-on. We recently worked with a customer to find control sound for their thermal spraying device. Below is exactly how we resolved their needs and also provided a customized service.


Client’s Requirement

  • The client sought a solution to mitigate the noise generated by their thermal spraying equipment.
  • They needed a soundproof room that could accommodate the equipment’s dimensions and ensure optimal functionality.
  • The customer wanted a specific color coating for the soundproof area to match their overall aesthetic.


Solution Overview

Tailored Configuration

This industrial soundproofing is carefully designed with sound absorbers to achieve very effective noise reduction, customizable to meet the specific needs of thermal spraying equipment. This tailored approach ensures maximum acoustic efficiency while maintaining workability and maintainability.

Special Three-Color Paint Finish

We apply a special three-color paint finish to the soundproof room, accommodating the client’s aesthetic preferences. This customization option enables the client to specify a color, enhancing the room’s visual appeal while seamlessly blending with the existing facility environment.

Assembly Type Construction

Utilizing an assembly type construction method, the soundproof room offers versatility and scalability. This modular design facilitates easy installation and future expansions, ensuring adaptability to evolving operational needs without compromising on performance.

Effective Dimensions

This custom acoustic chamber, measuring 6800 mm wide, 4800 mm long, and 2900 mm high, is optimized to effectively control the noise level generated by thermal spraying equipment, providing a conducive work environment while maximizing space utilization within the client’s facility.



  • The advanced soundproofing capabilities of the room effectively minimized noise pollution, creating a quieter and more conducive workspace for the client’s personnel.
  • The unique three-color paint exceeded the client’s expectations, adding a personalized touch to their facility’s overall look.
In conclusion, our partnership with the client exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative and customized solutions tailored to address specific industrial challenges. At DMC, we are ready to work with businesses to improve their operations using advanced technology and personalized service.