Projecta Soundproof Cover for AFM

Soundproof Cover for Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

In the world of precision science, silence is often the key to success. Imagine working with delicate equipment that requires the utmost focus, only to be interrupted by the constant hum of external noise. This was the challenge faced by our client, a leading company in Germany specializing in atomic force microscopy (AFM). Their requirement was clear: a soundproof cover for AFM instrument, ensuring a quiet environment conducive to accurate measurements.

Client’s Requirement

Our client, a prominent research institution, needed to quiet the noise from their Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). They required a soundproof cover that not only minimized outside disturbances but also complied with the strict Clean room ISO6 standards.

The dimensions provided were W1306xL1500xH2240 externally, with internal dimensions of W1100xL1300xH2000. Additionally, they required easy access with single doors measuring W1250xH1300 and W950H960.

Our Solution

At DMC, we understand the critical importance of precision in scientific instrumentation. Leveraging our expertise in acoustic solutions, we designed a custom soundproof cover for AFM tailored to meet the unique requirements of the AFM. Here’s how we addressed each aspect:

Noise Reduction

Using advanced soundproofing materials and techniques, we engineered a cover that effectively dampens external noise, ensuring optimal conditions for precise measurements.

ISO6 Compatibility

Adhering to Clean room ISO6 standards, our product undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee compatibility and reliability in controlled environments.

Dimensional Accuracy

With exact measurements both inside and out, our cover easily fits with the AFM, offering plenty of room for operation while keeping sound out.

Easy Accessibility

Our strategically placed single doors allow researchers easy access to the AFM, ensuring efficient experiment conduct without sacrificing soundproofing.


The implementation of our soundproof cover for AFM has significantly enhanced the performance of the AFM, ensuring reliable measurements free from external disturbances. Our client now benefits from a quiet and controlled environment conducive to their research endeavors. By delivering a tailored solution that aligns with their exact specifications, we have reinforced our commitment to providing cutting-edge acoustic solutions that empower scientific innovation.

At DMC, we continue to push the boundaries of acoustic engineering, delivering solutions that redefine precision and reliability in scientific instrumentation.