ProjectPrefabricated Soundproof Room for audio and comminication testing

Prefabricated Soundproof Room for Audio Manufacturers

In the world of audio and communication equipment manufacturing, precise acoustic measurements are crucial. Ensuring the accuracy of these measurements requires specialized environments that isolate external noise and reflections. DMC, a leader in acoustic solutions, met the needs of an audio and communication equipment manufacturer by delivering a prefabricated soundproof room for acoustic measurement.

Client’s Requirement

The client, an audio and communication equipment manufacturer, sought a solution for conducting acoustic measurements in a controlled environment. They required a soundproof room that could effectively isolate external noise and provide a consistent acoustic environment for accurate testing.

Our Solution

DMC provided the perfect solution with an assembly type semi-anechoic chamber. With external dimensions of W4,300×L4,300×H2,480, this prefabricated soundproof room offered ample space for conducting various acoustic measurements. The sound insulation layer comprised highly corrosion-resistant steel sound insulation panels, ensuring durability and long-term performance. Additionally, the sound absorption layer consisted of glassonic silver, effectively reducing internal reflections and ensuring precise measurement results.


The implementation of DMC’s assembly type soundproof room enabled the client to conduct acoustic measurements with unparalleled precision. The chamber effectively isolated external noise, providing a controlled acoustic environment for accurate testing. With its robust construction and high-quality materials, the prefabricated soundproof room offered long-term reliability, meeting the client’s requirements for quality and performance.

In conclusion, DMC’s innovative acoustic solutions empower audio and communication equipment manufacturers to achieve excellence in their products through precise and reliable acoustic measurements.