ProjectOpen Door of Anechoic chamber for small motor manufacturer

Precision Anechoic Chamber for Small Motor Manufacturers

Project delivery is always an exciting milestone, especially when it meets the exacting needs of our clients. At DMC, we prioritize meeting the crucial needs of precision small motor manufacturers for testing and quality assurance. That’s why we’re excited to highlight our latest project: delivering a customized assembly type anechoic chamber. Designed specifically as the perfect anechoic chamber for small motor testing

Client’s Requirement

Our client, a small precision motor manufacturer, needed a reliable solution to test sound insulation on their products. They needed a chamber tailored to their dimensions, ensuring exceptional sound insulation for accurate testing results.

Our Solution

We tailored our assembly type anechoic chamber for small motor to meet the unique needs of our client:

Custom Dimensions

We made sure the chamber perfectly matched their testing needs with external dimensions of W4,320×L3,820×H2,890 and internal dimensions of W3,000×L3,000×H2,000

Sound Insulation

We used highly corrosion-resistant steel panels for robust sound insulation, minimizing external noise during testing.

Inner Wall Design

We lined the inner walls with sound absorption wedge HV02W to ensure precise sound testing without unwanted echoes.

Specialized Door

We fitted a door measuring W900×H2,000, with a sound absorption unit to preserve sound integrity during chamber access.


Our client now has a top-notch assembly type anechoic chamber, perfectly designed for their precision small motor testing. With custom dimensions, advanced sound insulation, and specialized features, they can conduct accurate tests without noise interference.

At DMC, we’re committed to providing advanced solutions to help our clients succeed in their industries. Contact us to explore our acoustic products and customize a solution for your needs.