ProjectLarge semi anechoic chamber with big doors

Installation of Large Semi-Anechoic Chamber

In acoustic engineering, semi-anechoic chambers represent precision and innovation. These chambers serve as controlled environments for sound testing, allowing for accurate measurements without interference from external noise. In a recent project, DMC excelled in installing a large semi-anechoic chamber with expertise and excellence.

Client’s Requirement

Our client required a custom solution: a large semi-anechoic chamber with specific dimensions and features for acoustic testing.

They required

  • a spacious chamber approximately W20m x L20m x H7m,
  • with steel sound insulation panels and variable-thickness sound absorption wedges.
  • Two doors, Door A measuring W5.4m x H2.6m & Door B measuring W1.05m x H2.1m.

Additionally, the client wanted seamless integration of any necessary incidental equipment into the chamber’s design.

Our Solution

At DMC, we approached the project with a commitment to precision and functionality. We devised a comprehensive solution tailored to our client’s needs.

We meticulously planned the construction of the large semi-anechoic chamber, ensuring every dimension & detail matched client’s specifications. To achieve optimal sound insulation, we utilized robust steel sound insulation panels, carefully installed to minimize external noise interference.

Within the chamber, we implemented sound absorption wedges of varying thicknesses, strategically positioned to enhance acoustic performance across the frequency spectrum. We designed Door A & Door B to blend seamlessly into the chamber, offering easy access without affecting sound quality.

To complement the chamber, we meticulously selected and installed any additional equipment required, ensuring seamless functionality and optimal performance.


The completion of the large semi-anechoic chamber by DMC marks a milestone in acoustic engineering. With dimensions of W20m x L20m x H7m, the chamber stands as a testament to meticulous planning and expertise.

Moreover, the careful selection and installation of additional equipment underscore DMC’s commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to client needs.