Projectairport power supply vehicle with soundproof cover

Enhancing Airport Vehicle with Custom Soundproof Cover

At DMC, we understand the importance of minimizing noise pollution in airport environments. Our latest project involves in crafting a specialized soundproof cover for aircraft power supply vehicles. Our aim was to address the noise generated by their onboard generators.

Client’s Requirement

Airport operations demand precision and efficiency, however the sound generated by aircraft power supply vehicles can interrupt these processes. Our client sought a solution to mitigate the radiator noise produced by these vehicles without compromising their functionality. They needed a customized soundproof cover that would reduce noise levels and still allow for easy maintenance and ventilation.

Our Solution

To meet our client’s needs, we utilized advance measurement techniques. We analyzed the noise emissions of the power supply vehicle and determined the optimal insulation volume required for effective soundproofing.

With this information, we carefully designed a custom soundproof cover with a maintenance door and an exhaust silencer. This cover was tailored to fit seamlessly over the power supply vehicles. And able to effectively contain and reduce radiator noise while ensuring convenient access for maintenance tasks.


The implementation of our custom soundproof cover has yielded significant improvements in reduce noise. We have successfully reduced the noise from power supply vehicles, creating a quieter environment for airport personnel and passengers.

Our solution makes airport ground operations better. It matches our promise to offer advanced acoustic solutions tailored to our client’s needs.

At DMC, we are continually innovating and coming up with fresh concepts. We collaborate to improve airport operations. Our goal is to reduce noise and increase efficiency for all.