ProjectCustom Acoustic Solutions for thermal spray equipment

Custom Acoustic Solutions for Manufacturing Challenges

In the bustling realm of industrial operations, one critical concern often lurks in the background: noise. Among the cacophony of machinery, there exists a need to mitigate the disruptive impact of sound on both workers and the environment. This necessity becomes particularly pronounced in settings housing thermal spraying robots, where the clamor generated by the equipment reaches deafening levels.

Client’s Requirement

Enter DMC, the beacon of innovation in the domain of acoustic solutions. A recent client approached us with a pressing issue: the relentless noise emitted by their thermal spraying robots, wreaking havoc on the tranquility of their factory floor. Seeking respite from this auditory onslaught, they sought a bespoke solution to contain the racket within a soundproof enclosure. The dimensions provided were W3100 x L3200 x H3200, outlining the space earmarked for noise mitigation.

Our Solution

At DMC, we thrive on challenges, transforming them into opportunities for groundbreaking solutions. Leveraging our expertise in acoustics, we devised a tailored remedy for our client’s predicament. Our proposal entailed the construction of a soundproof room equipped with an electric lift door, offering seamless ingress and egress while ensuring maximum noise containment. To fortify the enclosure against the relentless assault of sound waves, we opted for a combination of exterior wall steel sound insulation panels and inner wall sound absorption layers augmented with punching metal.

Addressing the dual challenge of noise mitigation and heat dissipation, we incorporated a strategic element into our design. Recognizing the potential for heat buildup within the nearly sealed confines of the soundproof room, we integrated a silencer duct into the ceiling. This ingenious addition serves to dissipate excess heat, maintaining optimal working conditions within the enclosure without compromising on noise reduction.


The culmination of our efforts yielded a resounding success, both figuratively and literally. With the installation of our bespoke soundproof room, the once tumultuous environment surrounding the thermal spraying robots underwent a remarkable transformation. The relentless clamor that once permeated the factory floor now stood subdued, contained within the confines of our meticulously crafted enclosure.

Workers found solace in the newfound tranquility, while the factory environment itself experienced a palpable reduction in noise pollution. In seamlessly fulfilling our client’s requirements, we reaffirmed our commitment to excellence at DMC, where innovation meets acoustics in perfect harmony.