Antenna Anechoic Chamber

DMC Antenna Anechoic chambers are lined with RF Microwave Absorber Pyramidal foam cones or High performance Polypropylene Hybrid material to give better reflectivity and Galvanized sheets to maintain higher Shield room attenuation.

DMC Antenna Anechoic Chamber options include:

  • PU foam absorber or Polypropylene High performance absorber
  • Structural support frame to withstand Seismic Zone 5/CAT5 category or any other equivalent
  • 3D CAD design Engineering services
  • Manual/Pneumatic RF Shielded door both Single knife edge and Double knife edge
  • Custom Honeycomb vent with Stainless steel or Brass frame
  • Heavy Duty Turn Table
  • Heavy Duty Multi Axis Antenna Positioner
  • Transmit Antenna Positioner
  • Connector panel with N type, K, SMA adaptors and Fiber optic feedthrough
  • Copper fingers- Single layer or Double layer in RF shielded door frame
  • UL rated power filters
  • Access hatches for ground cable pass through
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Chamber installation and testing services

Shielding Performance of DMC Antenna Anechoic Chamber

Frequency Shielding Effectiveness
Plane Wave 50-1000 MHz -100 dB
Microwave 1-10 GHz -100 dB
18 GHz -100 dB
26 GHz -90 dB
40 GHz -90 dB