Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Aluminum Honeycomb Acoustic Panel is a kind of sound absorbing panel which composed of perforated face skin and perforated or un-perforated bottom skin and aluminum honeycomb core.

Due to honeycomb core in the aluminum honeycomb acoustic panel are divided into a large number of closed cells, the air flow is prevented and the sound waves are obstructed. When sound passes through acoustic panel, the intensity of sound is decreased and the sound absorption coefficient (can be up to 0.9 or more) is improved. In addition, it can provide more freedom for designers due to its excellent attributes such as high strength and light weight.

Structure: Aluminum skins + Aluminum honeycomb core + Aluminum skins.

  • Face Skin: Perforated aluminum plate
  • Bottom Skin: Perforated or un-perforated aluminum plate
  • Core: Aluminum honeycomb
  • Adhesive: PU/ Epoxy glue or film
  • Surface treatment: PVDF/PE coatings/ customized

Packing Details: Standard pallets/ plywood cases/ cartons.

Technical Specifications

Standard size: 1220*2440mm/ 600*600mm;

Standard height: 8/10/15/20mm

Cell size: 13.86mm

Foil thickness: 0.06mm

Suction hole diameter: 1mm

Suction hole distance: 6mm

Skin thickness: 0.6-1.2mm

Color: Customized

Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Honeycomb Core

DMC core  Honeycomb Compression Plate Shear
Designation Bare L Direction W Direction
Material———Size Strength    psi Strength    psi Modulus    ksi Strength    psi Modulus ksi
DMC–AH–Alloy–mm–inch Typ. Typ. Typ. Typ. Typ.
DMC–AH–3003–6.4—-1/4 625 365 70 215 38
DMC–AH–3003–9.5—-3/8 340 230 45 130 22
DMC–AH–3003–12.7–1/2 190 140 28 80 14
DMC–AH–3003—17—-3/4 120 100 20 65 11
DMC–AH–3003—25.4—-1 80 65 14 45 7
DMC–AH–5052—9.5—3/8 362 250 55 160 26
Notes: Test data obtained at 0.625″  thickness; Size available on request; The above values are not guaranteed and  should be used as indication only.