Acoustic Chambers

Acoustic chambers are advanced, purpose-built environments engineered to deliver controlled sound conditions for a variety of testing and research applications. Vital across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics, these chambers facilitate accurate acoustic measurements and in-depth experiments. DMC offers range of anechoic chambers: Fully Anechoic Chambers, Hemi Anechoic Chambers, Anechoic Test Boxes and Assembly type chambers each designed to meet specific testing needs and standards.

What is an Fully Anechoic Acoustic Chamber?

An anechoic chamber is a precision acoustical measurement instrument designed to create a free-field environment without reflections and noise interference. Ideally, the inverse square law applies perfectly, with sound levels from a spherical source decreasing by 6dB for each doubling of distance. This requires the room’s boundaries to have a sound absorption coefficient of one at all angles. While real-world applications may have slight deviations, these chambers minimize sound reflections with acoustically absorbing materials on all six surfaces.

What is a Hemi-Anechoic Chamber?

Hemi-Anechoic Chambers provide a precision free-field environment above a reflecting plane. These chambers are commonly used to test sound sources over a hard, non-acoustically absorbent floor, which is essential for evaluating larger, heavier items. Applications include testing microphones, hearing protection devices, and hi-fi equipment, particularly where operation over a reflective surface, like a floor or road, is typical. The hard floor allows for realistic testing conditions when a fully anechoic environment would be impractical.

What is an Anechoic Test Box?

An Anechoic Test Box is a compact, portable version of an anechoic chamber designed for testing smaller devices and components under controlled acoustic conditions. These test boxes are ideal for R&D labs and quality control processes where space and flexibility are essential. Despite their smaller size, anechoic test boxes provide high-performance sound absorption, ensuring reliable and repeatable test results. They are perfect for applications such as testing small electronics, sensors, and microphones where precise acoustic measurements are crucial.

Why Choose Our Us?

We are Diamond Microwave Chamber Ltd, with a proven track record of delivering turnkey acoustic test facilities worldwide. Our comprehensive approach encompasses everything from initial concept design to final commissioning, ensuring seamless project execution. Our solutions incorporate advanced Japanese technology, ensuring the highest standards of precision and performance.

Opting for our turnkey solutions allows for cost consolidation through a single supplier, reducing overall expenses and minimizing administrative efforts. This approach is particularly effective for installing multiple acoustic facilities at a single location or constructing a complete building tailored for acoustic testing.