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    RF Shielded Test Enclosure:

    DMC series of RF shielded enclosures are cost-effective solutions for OTA testing, Antenna testing for RF, Microwave and mmWave applications.

    RF Semi Anechoic and Fully Anechoic Chamber:

    Fully Anechoic chambers are widely used in both EMC and Antenna chambers for test application which requires ground absorbers and fully lined Pyramidal wall absorbers.

    FR1- Sub 6GHz OTA Chamber:

    DMC-OTA-S6 series RF shielded enclosures are cost-effective for over-the-air (OTA) testing at 6GHz. Our advanced shielding technology provides high isolation level make them suitable for OTA testing.

    FR2 – 5G Millimeter Wave Shielded Enclosure:

    The DMC-5G-mmW series Millimeter wave RF shielded enclosures are advanced and compact direct field OTA test enclosure occupying minimal floor space. 100 mm thick high performance microwave absorbers are fully lined on all walls, ceiling and floor.

    EMC Chamber:

    DMC series of EMC chambers are widely used for Electronics, Automotive and R&D applications and our turn-key solution can be used for end-end Immunity and radiated emission pre-compliance ad full-compliance testing.

    MIL-STD Chamber:

    DMC MIL-STD 461 is a Semi-Anechoic Chamber or referred as MIL STD chamber is a RF-shielded Semi-anechoic chamber designed for testing in accordance with Mil-STD 461E, Mil-STD 461F and Mil-STD-461G.

    CISPR Chamber:

    DMC-CISPR is a Semi-Anechoic Chamber or referred as CISPR 25 chamber is a RF-shielded semi-anechoic chamber providing an ideal environment for compliant CISPR 25 testing.

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