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high temperature absorber and honeycomb absorbers for ppc


    RF Absorbing Material

    DMC Polyurethane foam absorbing materials are combined with carbon powder and formed into various shapes like Pyramidal, Convoluted, Truncated and Flat sheet to give out better reflectivity performance at RF frequency range.

    Microwave Absorbing Material

    DMC Expanded Polypropylene absorbing materials are formed into different shape and size using molding process to perform well in both incidence and off angle incidence for better reflectivity level.

    RF Absorbers

    DMC series of Pyramidal absorbers cover wide band frequency rage from 30MHz to 40GHz with typical reflectivity as high as -35dB. All our absorbers are RoHS complaint and Fire retardant per NRL-8093,1,2,3, UL 94 and DIN 4102-B2.

    Convoluted Microwave Absorber

    DMC convoluted absorbers are flexible and are widely used in high frequency millimeter wave applications to cover wideband frequency from 8GHz to 80GHz.

    Broadband Polypropylene Millimeter wave(mmWave) Absorber

    DMC Polypropylene Millimeter wave absorbers are Class B2 rated and works well in  high temperature application up-to 1200C and high power handling.

    RF Foam Absorber – Flat sheet

    DMC foam flat sheet absorbers are used to reduce side lobes and improves front to back ratio covering wideband frequency  from 80MHz to 100GHz.

    High Power RF Foam Absorber

    DMC high power RF foam absorber and Honeycomb absorber handles high power application ranging from 6kW/m2 to 10kW/m 2.

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