RF Shielded Enclosure – Dual OTA testing

The DMC-OTA-DUAL series RF shielded enclosures are cost-effective solutions for OTA testing for mmWave applications with two internally isolated compartments. Lower section is ideal for placing test equipment such as spectrum analyser, VNA, signal source, RF switching, etc. Our advanced shielding technology provides high isolation level make them suitable for testing 5G applications such as low-frequency devices (below 1 GHz), LTE-AP, 5G-NR, and mmWave (FR1 and FR2).

Typical Specifications

Chamber Type : DMC-RFE-OTA-DUAL

  • 300MHz-40GHz
  • External dimension 850mm(W) x 950mm(L) x 1200mm(H)
  • Shielding effectiveness >80dB
  • Wireless communication with DUT. Avoid the USB impact to the antenna frequency response;
  • EMI filter on all data lines;
  • Manual or RS-232C/remote operation, suitable for automation line;
  • Input AC power: 100-240V AC 50Hz.