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EM mapper
  • Portable magnetic field scanner in augmented reality and live.
  • Autonomous and easy to use.
  • Very affordable introductory price
  • High resolution.
  • Removable sensors (DC – 7 GHz).
  • Easy export of data in XML format.
  • Data backup and replay
  • Visualization in 2D or 3D.

Delivered with 2 sensors of your choice from G01 to G06:

Narrowband measurements
DC measurements at> 7GHz
Increased precision:
Do you already use a spectrum analyzer and near-field probes?
Pair them with the Scanphone to map precisely and at all frequencies your equipment under test.
Use the Zero-Span function of your spectrum analyzer.
See the Video tutorial at the bottom of this page.
FASTER LAB can provide you with the complete solution.

Optional articulated arm:

2 movable axes, 1 adjustable vertical axis
This arm optimizes the repeatability of the measurements when the measurements are taken on the same plane.
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