ProjectSoundproof Wall with door

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In the hydraulic equipment manufacturing sector, achieving precision in testing is key. However, the noise generated by testing machines presents a significant obstacle. Here’s how DMC’s specialized soundproof walls for hydraulic equipment addressed this challenge for one of our clients.

Client’s Requirement

Our client, a leading hydraulic equipment manufacturer, required a solution to contain the noise generated by their damper testing machine. They needed a soundproof structure that could effectively minimize noise while ensuring ease of access for maintenance.

Our Solution

At DMC, we leveraged our expertise in acoustic solutions to design and deliver a customized soundproof walls for the damper testing machine. The wall, with external dimensions of W5,050×L3,800×H2,500, featured a robust steel acoustic panel for sound insulation and a GSS sound absorption layer.

We also incorporated key features such as a removable panel for maintenance, a soundproof door, and sound insulation treatment for piping openings. Additionally, we included a soundproof window and a complete set of electrical equipment to ensure optimal functionality.


The implementation of our soundproof walls solution provided our client with a quieter testing environment, allowing them to conduct their operations with minimal disturbance. The tailored design, along with the inclusion of ancillary equipment, ensured both effectiveness and convenience. With DMC’s expertise, our client experienced improved efficiency and enhanced working conditions in their testing facility.