ProjectInterior of the acoustic testing room

Soundproof Sanctuary for Piano Acoustic Testing

In the realm of sound engineering and acoustic precision, every note matters. Whether it’s for crafting the perfect melody or analyzing the intricate nuances of a musical instrument, the environment plays a crucial role. Imagine a space where every sound is meticulously captured, free from external interference a haven where the purity of music reigns supreme. Enter the realm of acoustic testing, where the quest for sonic perfection begins.

Client’s Requirement

When it comes to piano acoustic testing, precision is paramount. Our clients sought a dedicated space where they could conduct indoor acoustic measurements with unparalleled accuracy. Their demand was clear: a soundproof room tailored to accommodate their acoustic testing needs, ensuring optimal conditions for evaluating the nuances of piano sounds.

Our Solution

At DMC, we specialize in crafting bespoke solutions for acoustic challenges. Leveraging our expertise in soundproofing technology, we embarked on designing a tailored sanctuary for piano acoustic testing. The cornerstone of our solution? A meticulously engineered soundproof room boasting perforated metal interior walls—a structure meticulously designed to eliminate external noise interference while preserving the integrity of the piano’s sound.


The culmination of our efforts yielded a masterpiece in acoustic engineering: the Soundproof Room. Featuring prefabricated and removable soundproof panels, this chamber epitomizes the fusion of innovation and functionality. Our in-house developed panels, crafted with precision in our own factory, ensure both cost-effectiveness and superior performance. The effective dimensions of the room—W3000 x L6000 x H2425—provide ample space for comprehensive acoustic measurements.

The applications of our soundproof rooms extend beyond piano testing, serving as versatile tools for noise countermeasures in factories and research institutes. With each project, we tailor the size, maintainability, and performance to suit the client’s unique needs, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality and precision. At DMC, we’re not just building soundproof rooms; we’re creating sanctuaries where sound meets perfection.