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Hemi Anechoic Chamber for Refrigerator Products Testing

In the realm of electrical equipment testing, precise acoustic measurements are paramount. At DMC, we understand the significance of creating environments which are helpful to accurately analyzing sound. Recently, we were approached by a client seeking a tailored acoustic solution for measuring noise emissions from refrigerator products and compressors. Their challenge lay in finding a setup that could accommodate specific dimensions and effectively isolate external sound interference.

Client’s Requirement

Our client required a hemi-anechoic chamber capable of fitting a diverse electrical equipment for acoustic measurements. With a focus on noise assessment from refrigerators and compressors, they emphasized the need for a setup that could provide reliable results in a controlled environment. Additionally, the chamber had to adhere to specified indoor dimensions while mitigating external noise sources.

Our Solution

After hearing client’s needs, we suggested a custom special soundproof room. We designed a custom hemi-anechoic chamber with indoor dimensions of W2500 x L3500 x H2750. We constructed the chamber using sound-absorbing wedges. This sound insulating walls will ensure an optimal acoustic isolation.

To further enhance performance and efficiency, we installed pre-fabricated elements for efficient assembly. This assembly is easy for chamber relocation, a feature particularly beneficial for future scalability and flexibility.

Our solution included creating a pit to align the chamber’s floor height with the surrounding building, improving accessibility and integration. This meticulous approach not only met the client’s specifications but also surpassed expectations in terms of functionality and adaptability.


The implementation of the custom hemi-anechoic chamber proved to be a resounding success. Our client now possesses a versatile acoustic testing facility tailored to their unique needs. With precise control over environmental variables and minimized external interference, they can conduct accurate noise measurements for a wide range of electrical equipment.

Furthermore, the chamber’s modular design ensures ease of relocation and future expansion, offering long-term value and versatility. By teaming up with DMC, many of our client has unlocked a cutting-edge acoustic solution that sets the benchmark for acoustic measurement and acoustic testing in the industry.