Projectopen door view of a semi anechoic acoustic chamber for vehicles

Hemi Anechoic Acoustic Chamber for Vehicles

At DMC, we thrive on challenges, especially in meeting our clients’ unique requirements. We received an interesting project to design an anechoic sound chamber. The purpose of the room was to test the noise levels of large objects, such as vehicles.

Client’s Requirement:

Our client needed a hemi-anechoic acoustic chamber for Vehicles, capable of accommodating the substantial size for accurate acoustic measurements. They emphasized the importance of space optimization and the ability to relocate the chamber without costly disassembly and removal.

Our Solution:

we engineered a state-of-the-art hemi-anechoic acoustic chamber for Vehicles that exceeded our client’s expectations. Employing innovative design techniques, we maximized space utilization by making each component thinner without compromising performance. Furthermore, we developed and manufactured all parts in-house, ensuring quality control and customization to meet specific needs.


The result was a double-door hemi-anechoic chamber for vehicles with dimensions of

  • W6,200 x L8,200 x H3,600 externally and
  • W5,000 x L7,000 x H3,000 internally

perfectly suited for acoustic measurements of large test objects like vehicles.

Our client was delighted with the chamber’s ability to effectively utilize installation space and its hassle-free relocation feature, which eliminated unnecessary costs. This project underscored DMC’s commitment to innovation and client satisfaction in providing cutting-edge solutions for acoustic measurement challenges.