ProjectSoundproof Rooms with L shaped sliding closed door

Crafting High-Performance Soundproof Rooms

Client’s Requirement

A client seeks a soundproof room to house a durability testing machine. They need a solution that focuses on noise problems. The solution should be designed for a 12-pattern soundproof room test machine. The machine has L-shaped doors that can open in two different ways.

The L-shaped door should allow manual operation and offer advantages such as crane removal, access, sound insulation, and ease of maintenance. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of maintaining high design and construction precision while ensuring optimal operability, despite variations in floor levels and construction standards.

Our Solution

At DMC, we excel in designing and constructing specialized soundproof rooms tailored to unique client requirements. Leveraging our expertise, we propose a custom-built soundproof room featuring L-shaped sliding sound insulating doors.

The designer meticulously designed these doors to meet the client’s specifications, providing seamless operation and exceptional sound insulation properties. To address challenges associated with sealing in sliding doors, we employ a unique structural approach that ensures high insulation levels without compromising operability.


The result of our collaboration with the client is a state-of-the-art soundproof rooms that exceeds expectations. The custom-built L-shaped sliding sound absorption doors provide effortless access. While effectively minimizing noise transmission, meeting stringent noise control requirements for durability testing. With our innovative solution, the client benefits from enhanced durability testing capabilities within a soundproof environment, ultimately optimizing their operational efficiency and productivity.