ProjectCoupled type Anechoic Box for Horn

Coupled Type Anechoic Box for Horn Acoustic Measurement

From the roar of an engine to the honk of a horn, every sound is meticulously crafted and measured. At DMC, we understand the importance of accurate acoustic measurement in the automotive industry. That’s why we’ve developed a specialized solution tailored for the acoustic measurement of small automotive horns: the Coupled Type Anechoic Box for horn.

Client’s Requirement

Our client, an automobile parts manufacturer, sought a reliable method for acoustic measurement of small automotive horns. They needed a solution that could accommodate their specific measurement needs while being easy to set up and operate.

Our Solution

To meet our client’s requirements, we designed the Coupled Type Anechoic Box for horn with precision and practicality in mind. With dimensions of W2,400 x L600 x H600, this box is perfectly sized for small automotive horns. Its innovative coupling processing, utilizing a split type design, simplifies the setup process, allowing for seamless integration of the object to be measured and the acoustic measurement equipment inside the box.


The implementation of our Coupled Type Anechoic Box for horn has yielded exceptional results for our client. They now have a reliable and efficient solution for conducting acoustic measurements on small automotive horns. With its ease of setup and precise measurements, our box has enhanced their workflow and contributed to the overall quality of their automotive products. At DMC, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet our clients’ needs with excellence and innovation.