Projectlarge custom acoustic anechoic box with open door

Acoustic Testing with Custom Anechoic Boxes

At DMC, we’re always pushing the boundaries of innovation to meet our clients’ unique needs. Recently, we had the opportunity to work on a fascinating project that demanded a tailored solution for overseas acoustic testing, a custom anechoic box.

Client’s Requirement

Our client required an anechoic box specifically designed for line acoustic testing, customized for overseas export. The challenge was to create a box equipped with an electric door, capable of seamlessly accommodating the client’s testing procedures while ensuring ease of use and maintenance.

Our Solution

Drawing upon the collective expertise of DMC, we embarked on crafting a bespoke anechoic box that perfectly met the client’s specifications. Our solution incorporated an automatic sliding door and sliding table, both operated electrically for enhanced efficiency.

The core functionality of the anechoic box was carefully designed to streamline the testing process. The internal table could be effortlessly pulled out to accommodate the object to be measured, after which it would retract smoothly into position.

Simultaneously, the sound insulating door would slide shut, creating an airtight environment conducive to accurate acoustic measurements. To ensure seamless operation overseas, we precisely matched the voltage requirements of all electric components.


The result was a cutting-edge solution that revolutionized line acoustic testing for our client. The custom anechoic box not only met but exceeded their expectations, offering unparalleled convenience, precision, and reliability. By seamlessly integrating advanced technology with our expertise in acoustic solutions, we delivered a product that set new standards in the industry.

At DMC, we take pride in our ability to turn challenging requirements into innovative solutions. Whether it’s fully anechoic chambers, hemi anechoic chambers, or customized test boxes, we remain committed to delivering excellence in every project we undertake.